Accommodation Information for students and foreign students

Dormitory information

  • Address: 818-1 Shijyo-cho 634-0813 Kashihara-shi, Nara
  • Telephone number; 0744-23-9908
  • Email;
  • Building; Reinforced 5-floor building, 2nd-5th floors apartments; 1st floor office
  • Number of apartments; 15 in total.
  • Specifications; Each apartment has bath and toilet, kitchen (with an electric stove) and dining area, air conditioner (heating and cooling)
  • Shared facilities; Coin operated washing machine and drier
  • Building completed; April 2002 (Heisei 14)

Dormitory’s image

Price guide

  • Accommodation charge per person ※Please contact us for room sharing
  • 1 room with dining-kitchen area (18㎡)⇒Rent; \ 25,000 for one person
  • 1 room with dining-kitchen area (38㎡)⇒Rent; \40,000 for one person
  • 1 room with dining-kitchen area (60㎡)⇒Rent; \60,000 for one person
  • Initial administration fee⇒\30,000 (non-refundable)


  1. 7 minutes walk to the nearest station (Kintetsu Yaginishiguchi), 30 minutes by train to Osaka.
  2. Right next to the preserved historical district Imaicho Town、you can enjoy traditional Japan from your window.
  3. There are many events that you can join and enjoy with Japanese people.