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School Information

Greetings-From the principal-

Nara International Japanese School is a Japanese language school established by Nara International Exchange Center, the only public-interest incorporated association in the field of international exchange in Nara Prefecture.

In our school not only the Japanese language classes but also all the time spent in the school is for learning, so that each student can learn Japanese manners, culture and customs in an environment in devoted to developing human resources as the result.

We will make strong efforts to help students pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and will assist each student to deciding on a suitable future destination.

The staff and members of Nara International Exchange Center which is the foundation of established the school, will assist each student during their stay in Japan.

We are confident that studying abroad at Nara International Japanese Language School will be useful for your future.

Yoshikazu OHIRA (Ph D)
Nara International Japanese School

Course Information

Regular course

This is a course that aims to enter a vocational school, university, or graduate school in Japan.
Teachers in the school help to decide their career path after graduation while consulting their career paths.
We also provide lifestyle guidance such as manners and customs for adjusting to Japanese society.

Two-years course

Aiming to acquire CEFR B2 level Japanese by admission in April.
(The Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 level is a standard.)

1 year and 6 months course

Aiming to acquire CEFR’s B1 level Japanese language skills in October.
(The Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 level is a standard.)

  • CEFR = “European common reference frame for learning, teaching and evaluation”

Short-term course

1 to 3 months, it is a course that you decide the period according to each situation and learn.
Suitable for those who wish to study for a short period with a status of residence other than study in Japan.

Private lessons

This is a lesson for those who want to study for a certain period of time, although it is difficult to take regular lessons.

Enrollment Information

If you have a visa for a long-term stay in Japan… Please contact us directly here. (contact information)
For all other students, those who enroll in the “2-year course” or “1 year and 6-month course” must obtain the status of residence for study in Japan. …The application requires certain procedures. Please see the application guidelines.

Cultural exchange

We will carry out various activities in collaboration with Nara International Exchange Center.





Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony

Home stay

Home stay


Address : 2-37 Hongo-cho 635-0082 Yamatotakada-shi, Nara